how it all started

At the age of 15, while on a youth camp trip with Peace Corps International Volunteer, Annie Contractor to Choma and Kalomo districts of Southern Zambia in the year 2007, the Lord gave me a vision to liberate our community’s children from the scourge of child marriage and exploitation, and help our chiefdoms into realizing what really it means to create a better and safe world for all.

 In order to achieve this vision, in 2008 I founded Musokotwane Compassion Mission Zambia (MCMZ) as a platform to work with others responding to issues of violence against children with an organizational focus tailored on ending child marriages.

The practice of Early Child Marriages has continued to penetrate the shadows of poverty, our traditional way of life, and gender inequality, zeroing efforts to empower girls and the achievement of long-term sustainable development of our chiefdoms and its children. This vice emerges as both a symptom and a cause of the on-going community development challenges, as the scourge of early child marriage is further attributed to economic hardship, human rights violations, ill-traditional practices and under-investment in the sectors of education, health and Child Protection for orphans and vulnerable children in our community. 


It is important to empower children by teaching them about the risks they face and how they can protect themselves.

Join us in the fight

I am delighted to invite you to join us in achieving the world we envision. Together we can transform lives.