MCM Zambia establishes centre for survivors of child marriages

We are excited to inform you that Musokotwane Compassion Mission Zambia (MCMZ) has established a permanent centre for  survivors of child marriage in Choma, Zambia which is the first of its kind in the Republic of Zambia.

The centre which is based in Choma district of the Southern Province in Zambia, is sitting on a 16 hectors of land about 14 Kilometres from the Southern Province, Provincial Administration offices providing the organization a great platform for sustainability projects in livestock, fish  and crop agriculture. The centre is carrying forward the organization’s existing sustainability projects, provision of temporal shelter for survivors of child marriage and sexual violence, and  the main four thematic Areas  which include; Education, Advocacy, Capacity Building, and child protection; we are also happy to share that a firth thematic area in Economic Strengthening has been introduced with funding  from the National Organization for Women  in Sports and Physical Activities (NOWSPAR) under the GOAL Project partnership. This project aims at empowering one hundred (100) girls who have experienced child marriage, sexual violence or those living at risk of enduring these vices.

We sincerely thank everyone who was involved for their financial, material, emotional and prayer support before and during this construction phase which has reached advanced stage.