Musokotwane Compassion Mission Zambia (MCMZ) is working within the Zambian government to assist in the formulation of policies and laws that are encourage the people of Zambia to desist from practising child marriages. We do various public awareness campaigns where we teach people on the negative impact child marriages have on the children involved and the society at large. We also educate young girls on what to do if they find themselves in a situations where they are being  coerced into child marriages. Community and schools sensitization programmes which include; weekly radio programs, schools outreach, community outreach, mass media sensitization (print and electronic media).

Child Protection

We protect the victims of child marriages from their abusers and their families. We protect the girls retrieved from child marriages by offering them a free accommodation at our centre in Choma where they are safe from their victimisers. At the the centre, we provide girls with all the basic needs such as shelter, food and clothing. 

Educational support

We sponsor education of victims of child marriages. Most of the victims of child marriages are deprived of basic education hence they have trouble getting started in life. Some of the challenges associated with lack of basic education are lack of a voice, unemployment, exploitation and gender inequality.


We do capacity building trainings for both survivors of child marriages and their communities. This includes training of traditional leaders (chiefs and headmen). We train people  valuable skills that help them to increase their ability to fend for themselves hence reducing dependence on those that are more privileged who usually manipulate the less privileged into child marriages.